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Barcelona transport 48 hour ticket

When visiting Barcelona you need to decide which travel ticket option best suits your needs for getting around the city. There are several options to choose from but lets just look at the T-10 and the Hola BCN!

The Hola BCN! ticket is available for either 2, 3, 4, or 5 days and can be used by only one person. These are full 24 hour days so if you buy a 2 day ticket and you make your first journey at 10:00pm in the evening, say after arriving on your flight to the airport, your ticket will not expire at midnight on the next day but at 9:59pm two days later. This ticket is valid on all Metro lines, buses, trams, local RENFE trains and the funicular railways in the Zone 1. It is also valid for your journey from and to the airport. This ticket costs about €7 a day depending on how many days you choose.

Barcelona Metro single ticket to the airport

The T-10 ticket allows you to do 10 journeys and is valid until the end of the following January so if you are returning to Barcelona before then keep it safe. This ticket can be used by more than one person so if you are a group, you use it to access the system and then leave it for the next person in the group with the last person keeping hold of it. It can be used on all the same forms of transport as the Hola BCN! card with the exception of journeys from and to the airport where you will need a special airport ticket at a cost of €4.60 for a single journey and €9.20 return. The T-10 ticket currently costs €10.40 which works out at €1.04 a journey against the cost of a single journey ticket of €2.20.

When choosing which ticket option to use the Hola BCN! card may seem like the best choice but in reality unless you are making many journeys in a day it probably isn’t. Take in to account a journey can include more than one form of transport and take up to 75 minutes.

I think if you are using the Metro to get from and to the airport, you are staying for only 48 hours, and you will make at least 5 journeys other than to and from the airport is the only time that Hola BCN! is your best option.

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